Heaven Won't Hold Me

Heaven Won't Hold Me - For a Dreamer

Graham Trust - vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Martyn Gilbert - electric guitar
Tony Potter - drums
Guy Davies - keyboards

Heaven won’t hold me so I’ll need heaven no more.
Heaven won’t hold me. I won’t need heaven any more.
The greatest story ever told won’t break my heart or prepossess my soul.

Money won’t hold me. I’ll be imprisoned no more.
Possessions won’t tie me down the way they do - won’t be imprisoned any more.
The checkout line keeps moving on and this despair may last ‘til kingdom come.

Folks we’re always on our own, stumbling up our endless, winding roads.
Some folks act as if they know where they are and where they’re gonna go.
Let us pray for a working class hero. What a sham and a lie and a joke.
Anybody can see that nobody is free, and that’s all.
Some are as equal as others. Others more equal than most.
But everyone goes to their place I suppose. And that’s all, that’s all, that’s all.

Heaven won’t hold me. I won’t need heaven any more.

Recorded at Parr Street, Studios, Liverpool.

Produced by Graham Trust and Andrea Wright 2012

Written by and copyright Graham Trust 2012