Don't Call Me Grapevine Face

Don’t Call Me Grapevine Face (3.31) [download free mp3]

Portastudio recording. 18.12.1984

Graham Trust – Bass and Vocals

Martyn Gilbert – Electric Guitar

Colin McCormick – Drums

All my yearning is lost without a trace. I’m learning to know my place.
You bring and buy me and classify me, immerse me in the role.
There’s one thing I’m wanting – I’ve got no soul.
No soul. I gave you my soul, all of my soul. So where is my soul now?

Now I’m smiling. You’ve opened up my eyes. Conniving, contriving - Let dead dogs lie.
I’m an actor braying, strutting and straying. I love to play that part.
I give it…I lend it all of my heart.
My heart...I gave you my heart, all of my heart. So where is my heart now?

© Graham Trust. 1984