The brain drain

The Brain Drain (2.48)

Recorded at The Ark, Benson Street, Liverpool. 1985

All music performed by Graham Trust

Change to the east. I look to the west.
I get down, get back, get out see the rest cos that’s what I love the best.

I’m wavering, I’m tried.
I stroll on inside. Sneaky features, dead end preachers hide.
This is no time to run and hide.

Through immigration, airport, station, information bouncing round my brain.
Your reservation, nice location, destination somehere cool out Spain. Not again.
The brain drain.

I’m told what to do. I keep daddy cool.
I shut up, sit down, stay down on a stool. Now I ain’t no yellow but I ain’t no fool.

Hang down the keys. I’ve drawn on my knees.
Hands up, turn round, head down, no sound please.
When I say “freeze” you freeze, boy.

Ungodly silence, mindless violence, screaming sirens, absent without leave.
He’s gotta be AWOL.
These braining teasers, no appeasers, weeping Jesus open arms receive. I believe
The brain drain.

© Graham Trust 1985